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Bass Music, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Trap


It’s been a year now that the french producer BARENHVRD from Strasbourg made its way into the top-of-the-month EDM Network thanks to his track « Shake That Milk » that reached the first place. He has then been spotted very fast by famous artists of the Bass music scene such as Tha trickaz, Creaky jackals, 8ers, KAVIAR…

He decided to compose a Festival Trap named « IKURA » on the ‘Dirty Duck Audio’ label. This track influenced by japanese sounds and Trap stayed almost 6 weeks in the top charts beatport, and had many reposts from the biggest blogs EDM (Trap and Bass,…). Thanks to his new reputation, BARENHVRD joined the label of Tha Trickaz : ‘Otodayo records’ where he releases « Heiwa No Kaze », a chill trap song where heavy bass meets japanese tones. Few weeks after, his second release on Otodayo « Senshi » will be his opportunity to show how heavy his sound can be, which was his first step into Hybrid music.

BARENHVRD continues to surprise us by matching heavy bass with japanese influences for a Hybrid Trap result, and his latest tracks emphasize this feeling.